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What Is The Impact Of Smart Home Technology In Real Estate?

Dubai is not a city that can be considered underdeveloped, as this is now becoming a futuristic metropolis. With the inception and incorporation of smart home technology in real estate, the landscape is transforming. Smart home technology is maximizing efficiency and increasing convenience which is one of the paramount factors for buyers. Let’s delve into the discussion to investigate the impact of smart home technology in the real estate sector. This also sheds light on how Dubai luxury homes are using smart home devices.

Introduction of Smart Home Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) which is a network of smart devices that can manage or communicate with each other through sending or receiving data is getting popular day-by-day. According to the data highlighted on Statista such IoT devices are currently in use with the number of 18 billion, which will touch the mark of a staggering 29 billion by 2030

Dawn of Automation


The era of automation began in the 1960s with the evident development in 1966. James Sutherland designed the ECHO IV, which allowed users to control temperature, turn on and off the appliances and also create shopping, lists. With the rise of communication protocols in the 1970s X10 was introduced in 1975 which was the turning point. This smart home device enables communication between numerous electronic devices.

Smart Home Technology Today

The smart home technology we see and use today is the advanced version of previous devices including Z-wave, Zigbee, X10 and more. Besides today smart home technology has advanced to the level of seamless connection through voice assistance offering an array of features.

Impact of Smart Home Technology on Real Estate

Various aspects of real estate are being influenced by smart home technology including security, efficiency of managing appliances and convenience. Let’s dive a little deeper into the usage of smart home technology in the Real estate sector:

  • Increased Demand and Value
    Buyers are now focusing more on homes with smart home technology. This has also led the higher prices of the property and rental values.
  • Enhanced Security
    The use of smart home devices in real estate is now heavily seen in the security context. This is because the threats of robbery have increased. Amid these requirements, smart cameras and smart security locks are now used.
  • Efficient Energy Consumption
    Additionally, smart thermostats can learn the preference and manage the cooling, and heating, leading to the reduced waste of energy.
  • Convenience at your fingertips
    What else could be better than a gentle sunrise you are walking up and your coffee is brewing all is controlled with just a signer click. This is not possible with the smart home applications.
  • Personalized Living Experience
    Buyers of real estate can now personalize their home environment through these pre-programmed smart home technology devices.

Smart Home Technology in Luxury Apartments in Dubai


Dubai is a city with opulent beauty and exclusive living. Various luxury apartments in Dubai now use smart home devices.

  • Palm Jumeirah residence which is considered the Dubai icon not only offers luxurious living but intelligent living. This is because the smart home technology is integrated into these residences.
  • Sobha Harbour Point is another exclusive yet technology-driven project in Dubai. Personalized light, temperature control and security can be managed in these residences.
  • The Address Residence Dubai Opera is also one of the spectacular projects that are equipped with the concept of smart home technology in luxury apartments of Dubai.
  • Bugatti Residence is also one of the magnificent projects with technology integration. This allows automated lighting, control systems and security features.

One of the major advancements and smart home technology in real estate in Dubai is voice-activated assistants. These devices run o voice commands and allow controlling of AC temperature, dimming of lights, playing music and letting you control your home effortlessly.


Smart home technology in real estate is currently disrupting the whole real estate sector including Dubai. This is because there are numerous advancements in the segment of IoT. Smart home technology is impacting real estate in various aspects including personalization, increasing property value, enhancing security, energy consumption saving and efficient home management. Further, real estate in Dubai is also enjoying the presence of technologically intelligent homes with various projects that are incorporated with smart home devices.



What is the concept of smart home technology?

This allows the homeowners to control the lights, and thermostat, and use the device remotely through an internet connection.

When the smart home technology was first introduced?

Smart home technology was first introduced in 1966 by James Sutherland.

How can smart home technology help us save energy?

This can be done through automatic actions that control the appliances that need energy.

What is the best smart home technology in real estate?

Safety and security devices are highly beneficial for homeowners.


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