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What is the cost of selling property in Dubai?

Selling Property in Dubai 2024 Easier and Quicker!

The Dubai real estate market has adopted an enhanced systematic strategy for selling property in Dubai in 2024 faster and easier. The time taken for the completion process for selling an apartment in Dubai with private swimming pool  has dramatically decreased. It has become simpler for buyers and sellers to process real estate transactions because of improved procedures and technological advancements. However, sellers must pay close attention to and deal with several expenses beyond the purchase price of their beloved luxury property in Dubai.

These extra costs include transaction fees, agency charges, and possible upkeep or upgrade costs to raise the property’s market value. A thorough grasp of all related expenses guarantees a more seamless and transparent selling process in the vibrant and dynamic Dubai property market. So, going through the hidden costs to enunciate the final deal beforehand is necessary for a smoother and quicker process.

Cost of Selling Property in Dubai

Get a luxurious life with Bugatti Residences in Dubai.

Before you sell your property in Dubai, the following selling guide will help you estimate what other charges will cost you. The rule for gaining a good profit is to invest more in legalities and proper documentation so that your property for sale in Dubai sells well and generates good revenue.

1. No Objection Certificate (NOC)

One of the initial expenses that sellers need to budget for is the No-Objection Certificate (NOC) issuance charge in Dubai. The developer in Dubai issues the NOC, which attests to the fact that the seller is not obligated to pay any unpaid fees or service charges for their property in Dubai. Additionally, it says that the developer is not against the property being sold. According to Coin Geek, In Dubai, NOC fees usually run from AED 500 to AED 5,000, and the seller is responsible for paying them.

2. Real Estate Agency

The seller’s agent fee is additional when selling real estate in Dubai. Working with a Dubai real estate company can help sellers market their homes more effectively and attract serious purchasers. According to Khaleej Times, the selling agent fees usually amount to 2% of the property’s sale price. To choose a seller’s agent and specify the portion of the sale price that must be paid to the agent, sellers must complete Form A, one of the RERA forms.

3. Dubai Land Department Approval (DLD)

The Dubai Land Department Fees are an additional expense for sellers of real estate in Dubai to consider in addition to the NOC and Agency fees. This fee is paid to the Dubai Land Department, the body in charge of all real estate transactions in the city. According to Emirates 247, it is usually divided between the buyer and seller. It amounts to 2% of the property’s sale price in Dubai after the resolution given by Sheikh Hamdan, which was before 4%. However, the seller and buyer’s sale and purchase agreement determines the proportion each party must pay.

4. Transfer Certificate

The administrative or transfer of ownership fee, paid to the DLD’s registration trustee offices, is one of the last expenses for selling real estate in Dubai. Once more, this is one of the expenses associated with selling real estate in Dubai; based on their agreement, the buyer may pay the entire cost or share it with the seller.

Nonetheless, the transfer charge will change based on the property’s sale price:

  • Property is sold for less than AED 500,000: AED 2,100
  • The property is sold for more than AED 500,000: AED 4,200

The typical fees for selling ready-to-move-in property in Dubai that is not mortgaged are listed above. There can be extra expenses based on the cases differing from each other.

Sell Apartment in Business Bay – Gain High Profit!

Since all of Dubai is synonymous and readily available with great places generating higher ROI, Business Bay is among the top most incredible locations for higher ROI. Buying an apartment in Business Bay, such as Bugatti Residential Towers, is an ultimate choice due to premises exclusivity and the most accessible transportation connecting you to the far ends of the city, and the magnificent neighbourhood’s sparkling exuberance works as an enticing and enthralling option to investors. Therefore, chances of a handsome profit on selling your property in Dubai at Business Bay operate as a beneficial investment enhancing your real estate portfolio.

Since apartments are in higher demand so, selling your luxury apartment in Dubai at Bugatti Residential Towers Business Bay is expected to bring a reputable profit.

Bugatti Residential Towers at Business Bay has the best luxury apartments and 11 sky mansion penthouses in Dubai perfect for buying and selling.


With the magnificent plethora of off plan properties and apartment with private swimming pools, the other costs strategically level up the process. It is for the state’s revenue; the real estate agencies in Dubai and their agents get a commission to sell a property in Dubai. For example, selling an apartment in Business Bay is committed by the help of a real estate agent to gain a better price, so you have to give him a sure profit, too. Selling p, property in Dubai can take a lot of work to attract a better and more responsive buyer, which can only bring in a brought-putable real estate agent.


1. Is it easy to sell a property in Dubai?

Real estate agents handle the necessary documentation, simplifying the selling process in Dubai. Before selling the property is initiated, they assist in identifying all essential upkeep. Real estate professionals provide assistance throughout the entire process of selling property in Dubai.

2. Is an apartment in Business Bay good to sell and gain profit?

This is an excellent option for those looking to move to Dubai and buy a property there. An apartment at Business Bay has the most accessible connectivity throughout the city, making it an enticing option for buyers. You will eventually profit while selling your luxury apartment in Dubai at Business Bay.

3. What is the ROI in Business Bay Dubai?

The following percentage ratio represents the return on investment when renting out an apartment for a year: A studio can earn up to 6% profit. One-bedroom apartments have a 5.8% ROI. For two-bedroom apartments, the return on investment is 5.1%.



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