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What Difference Does a 1% Monthly Plan Makes Luxury Flats in Dubai?

A 1 % monthly plan has started to show up everywhere and is offered by every developer in the property market of Dubai. But what is this 1% payment plan and how it will affect the buying and selling of luxury flats in Dubai? Both of these aspects will be analysed and answered in this blog, so that you can make better decisions for yourself, as to whether or not to invest in the prestigious and high ROI-producing luxury apartments in Dubai. This information is valuable for the buyers and property sellers as a 1% monthly plan is beneficial for both parties.

1% of Monthly Plan Significance in Buying and Selling Luxury Apartments in Dubai

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Let’s immerse ourselves in the knowledge of what is 1% monthly plan and how it will affect the buying and selling of the apartments in Dubai.

What is a 1% Monthly Plan? – Unimaginable Payment plan

As the developers in Dubai are trying to increase the number of buyers, a 1% monthly payment plan has been introduced in the property market of Dubai. It is the payment plan through which you only have to pay 1% of the total price of the luxury priority and can book the apartment. Some of the major and evident benefits of the 1% monthly payment plan for the buyers include no stress of high upfront payment and no high interest rates. One of the highly attractive features of the 1% monthly payment plan is that you can book and become the owner of an exclusive property in Dubai, and you only have to pay 1% of the property price until you own 100%.

Easier for the Buyers – Dubai Market Has Embraced Itself for Massive Sale in Dubai Apartments

The 1% monthly payment plan is exceptional and especially designed for the ease of buyers. Some of the villa properties in Dubai are also offering this plan as it has proved itself a winning strategy.  A1 % offer is attracting massive numbers of buyers as it is easy for individuals interested in ultra luxury flats in Dubai for sale, to pay small amounts rather than one staggering amount.

Changing Buying Dynamics – End-user buying in a big number

As the developers of the Dubai property are focusing more on attracting huge numbers of buyers, it is beneficial for the developers to offer a 1% monthly payment plan. As the dynamics of the Dubai property market are changing, this plan is one of the best ways to attract the end user, especially for the off-plan. Any of the residents searching for the best real estate deals in UAE should focus on availing 1% monthly payment plan through which property affordability becomes easier for the buyers.

Difficult Mortgages – Costlier Loan

offering luxury apartments through 1% payment plan

Another difference made through the 1% payment plan in the buying of luxury property in Dubai is that it offers stress-free purchases. For potential buyers, it is important to focus on the mortgages that are usually high in Dubai. It is getting difficult for buyers to get loans easily on lower interest rates, eliminating their chance to own a property. However, with the introduction of a 1% payment plan, buyers are facing no difficulty in booking the apartments or their dream residence as the booking amount is exceptionally less.

High Taxes – But Why?

Developers are facing a major problem which is Tax liability; with unsold properties being exposed to the corporate tax it is becoming difficult for the developers to retain financial profit stability. This is because the unsold property units including apartments with private swimming pools or other amenities beyond a certain period come with the obligation of corporate tax. This situation requires careful management from the developer’s side.

Owning a Dubai Apartment Made Easy – You Can Also Buy!

One of the aspects which is unique about the 1% payment plan is that it operates differently from other payment plans, as a buyer signs a contract including the payment of 1%. Gradually after the payment when the buyer pays 50% of the property price they get the title deed. This gives you a sense of security and complete ownership of the property.

Should I Avail 1% Payment Scheme – Go Ahead, Without a Doubt

One question that might still bother you is, whether or not this 1% payment plan is feasible for me or not? Yes, because, it will improve your buying capacity and also will help you own a luxurious property in Dubai. Ultra luxury flats in Dubai are offering this unique payment plan as they want to sell all the exclusive properties. This is the golden opportunity for buyers to make a deal. The difference the 1% payment plan creates in buying and selling luxury apartments is ease for buyers, beneficial in the scenario of tight mortgages, and flexible and secure payment plans. On the other hand for the sellers, it will make a difference including high numbers of buyers, and no obligation for the corporate tax.


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