Bugatti Residences in Dubai by Binghatti

Investors Have Eyes On These Top 7 Upcoming Mega Projects in UAE

Megaprojects coming to the UAE are dominating other regions in the construction industry. Here is a closer look at the top 7 upcoming mega projects in UAE. Sponsored by large-scale real estate firms and complex ventures give birth to mega projects. These mega projects often cost more than $1 billion and span many years to complete. According to the UAE’s largest construction-based intelligence provider BNC Network, with approximately 16,600 live projects generating a net worth of nearly US$ 2.15 trillion, the market of UAE with its mega projects booming.

Top 7 Megaprojects coming to UAE – Investors are Vigilant

UAE is renowned for its brilliant and mesmerizing architectures which not only offer exclusive location, and stunning views but completely transform the life of a buyer. Of course, as investors, you are also excited; let’s take a sneak peek into the top 7 upcoming mega projects in UAE.

Palm Jebel Ali

Megaprojects coming to UAE

“As new releases come in, Palm Jebel Ali will continue to dominate the top end of the Dubai property market. It will be difficult to break that hold”

The above statement is said by one of the real estate agents in an interview with Gulf News. This indicates that the project of Palm Jebel Ali is here to stun every investor and capitalist. With the shocking waves being dispersed in the Dubai property market, Palm Jebel Ali with its new launches is said to be the costliest.

This Megaproject coming to UAE is brought to you by Nakheel Properties includes exclusive villas, apartments and townhouses that will elevate your lifestyle.

Key Highlights of PJA

  • The starting price of this epic project is AED 18M
  • Completion is anticipated by the end of 2027.
  • 80/20 payment plan.
  • Resort-style living.

Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. Residence

Figure 3 Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. Residence Dubai, Megaprojects coming to UAE

Want to live in the highest residential tower in the world? Now you can not only wish for it but can live it. after Bugatti Residences,  Binghatti developers have launched the 112-storey iconic project, Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. Residence. This Hyper Tower is the creation of two giants Binghatti developers from the real-estate sector and Jacob and Co. from the jewelry sector. Both the firms are offering the finest living for the buyers, which is driven by the remarkable architectural sense of Binghatti and the remarkable design philosophy understanding of Jacob and Co.

Key Highlights of Burj BinGhatti Jacob & Co. Residence

  • The starting price of this epic project is AED 8.2M
  • Completion is anticipated in Q2 2026.
  • 70/30 payment plan.
  • Offers contemporary lifestyle.

Serenia Living

Figure 4 Serenia Living Megaprojects coming to UAE

Redefining luxury living in Dubai, Serenia Living is one of the most sought-after developments. The Palma developers of this development placed this premium project in the tranquil place of Palm Jumeirah. With remarkable architecture, superb interiors, breathtaking views and exceptional location Serenia Living is making a buzz in town. Evoke a great sense of well-being and comfort at this prestigious Serenia living.

Key Highlights of Serenia Living

  • The starting price of this epic project is AED 88M
  • Completion is anticipated in Q1 2025.
  • 50/50 payment plan.
  • Residence offering panoramic waterfront views.

Baccarat Hotel and Residences Dubai

Figure 5 Baccarat Hotel and Residences, Dubai Megaprojects coming to UAE


Baccarat Hotel and Residences Dubai is yet another brand-new addition to the skyline of Dubai. Shamal Holdings the developer of Baccarat Hotel and Residences placed this development at Downtown Dubai. Enjoy spa, cocktails and more when you book a residence at Baccarat Hotel and Residences. Gulf News reported, Abdulla Binhabtoor, Chief Portfolio Management Officer, Shamal Holding, said:

“For over two centuries, Baccarat has defined luxury, translating its essence into contemporary lifestyle offerings, including Baccarat Hotel New York, the first hospitality flagship for the brand.”

Key Highlights of Baccarat Hotel and Residences Dubai

  • The starting price of this exclusive project is 18M.
  • Completion is anticipated in Q4 2026.
  • Payment plan will be available upon request.
  • Verified luxury five-star hotel by Travel guide Forbes.

Dubai Creek Tower

Figure 6 Dubai Creek Tower Megaprojects coming to UAE

Emaar Properties has introduced one of the iconic projects Dubai Creek Tower with the vision to make this project the centre of attraction among the mega projects of UAE. The construction of this mega project is underway and is all set to join the skyline of Dubai. Designed by Swizz-Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, Dubai Creek Tower will become the tallest building in Dubai upon completion. There are predictions that this mesmerizing project will outshine the current tallest building Burj Khalifa.

Key Highlights of Dubai Creek Tower

  • House the world’s highest elevated gardens.
  • Completion is anticipated in 2025.
  • The project will have the world’s highest mosque.
  • VIP observation garden decks planned

Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi

Figure 7 Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi

The staggering net worth of AED 15 billion projects in Abu Dhabi, Jubail Island is developed by LEAD developments. This development will be the idyllic collection of villages between the Saadiyat and Yas Island. The perfect fusion of nature and architecture is what you will get at Jubail Island. Enjoy the biodiversity of the mangroves, sports centre, school, nurseries, business centre and more at this mega project of the UAE.

Key Highlights of Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi

  • The starting price of this brilliant project is AED 3.2M.
  • 15 minutes’ drive from Abu Dhabi
  • Spread over 5000 hectares.
  • 6 Unique lifestyle villages.

Hudayriyat Island

Figure 8 Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi Megaprojects coming to UAE

The another  upcoming  megaproject to UAE is Hudayriyat Island is exclusive and can also be considered the symbol of luxury. This 51 million square meter mega project accounts for half of the island. Uncountable and exclusive amenities will welcome you at Hudayriyat Island where you can enjoy panoramic views of the waterfront. This exclusive megaproject by Modon Properties will add 53.5 km of coastline with a unique addition of beaches spanning over 16km.

Key Highlights of Hudayriyat Island

  • 321 sports action-packed sports village.
  • 750m jogging track.
  • 220 km-long network of cycle tracks.

Why people are buying UAE real estate?

The UAE property market is showing signs of stability which is attracting a large number of buyers. Analyses showed sales of residential homes in Dubai have increased by 27% as of 2023 and the market is also booming in Q1 2024.  Through top real estate agency in Dubai, you can book apartments in the mega projects mentioned above. These exciting projects that are redefining luxury living, and offer every facility you can think of are up for sale, and this is the best time to buy as the rapid growth of Dubai has increased the demand for the property leading to the 200% price increase. Due to the price appreciation and more of these aspects discussed people are shagging the property in UAE.


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