Bugatti Residences in Dubai by Binghatti

Bugatti Residences Location Guide & Map Dubai

The tremendous Dubai property market has witnessed the best development over the years by Binghatti which is Bugatti Residences UAE. The ever-evolving Dubai capital real estate has warmly welcomed the biggest and most notorious collaboration of a luxury car brand Bugatti Veyron and elite real estate developer Binghatti’s Bugatti Residences. If talking metaphorically then we can’t pass by the fact that Bugatti Tower residential apartments are at the top of the discussion. In this Bugatti Residences location guide, we will walk you to the most amazing location in Dubai and its stunning neighbourhood that makes this project perfect for living and enjoying purposefully.

Overview of Bugatti Residences UAE

Bugatti Residences Location Guide Dubai

The disclosing of the world’s debut Bugatti-branded private structure became the dominant focal point at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena as per the National News, transmitting extravagance and cutting-edge appeal. Settled in Business Bay, the Bugatti Residences take off stunning levels, flaunting an unmistakable unbalanced structure suggestive of a boomerang when seen from a higher place. Reflecting the smooth bends of the Bugatti sports car, Bugatti tower residential apartments guarantee a compositional wonder that weds extravagance with development.

Involving 171 Riviera Mansions and 11 Sky Mansion Penthouses, every unit at Bugatti Residences oozes refinement aroused by the French Riviera. With development scheduled for finishing in three and a half years, solace, usefulness, and style characterize the insides, mirroring a careful joint effort among Bugatti and Emirati real estate company Binghatti. The development flawlessly incorporates the embodiment of French extravagance, typifying a confidential desert garden where everything about with the unrivalled craftsmanship is inseparable from the Bugatti brand.

Bugatti Residences UAE at Business Bay

Settled inside the vivacious cityscape of Dubai lies Business Bay, a one-of-a-kind region that exemplifies the embodiment of present-day metropolitan living; Bugatti Residences is the best improvement in the staggering area. Displaying a fundamental region at the city’s centre, Business Bay is potentially the most sought-after area in Dubai, offering tenants an unequalled blend of solace, excess, and transparency. One of the imperative attractions of Business Bay is its area to Dubai’s prominent achievements.

Therefore having one of the Bugatti Tower residential apartments is a wellspring of a break from the weighty life to a supernatural eminent living.

Business Bay’s Details

Business Bay is a smart mixed-use locale in Dubai. Set near the sparkling waters of the Dubai Channel, it neighbours the city’s most happening local area, Downtown Dubai. There are 46.9 million square feet in Business Bay Dubai, with 22.1% going to private tasks, 18.5% to business utilizes, and 59.4% to blended activities. This apparent goal is home to driving worldwide and neighbourhood associations, compositional works of art, esteemed kind disposition get-togethers, public vehicle joins and some top-notch comforts.

According to artificial intelligence’s H1 2023 Dubai Rental Market Report, Business Bay is a notable locale for renting lavish condominiums. As per Arabian Business, Binghatti engineers snapped a $99 million plot at Business Bay, which typifies the appeal of the area to be remarkable for Binghatti designers.

Enjoy Breathtaking Views from Bugatti Tower Residential Apartments

Figure 2 Bugatti residences up for sale in Dubai

Envision awakening in the sumptuous solace of Bugatti Tower residential apartments, with stunning perspectives on the superb Burj Khalifa welcoming you simply not far off. As you step into your gallery, the famous outline of the world’s tallest construction stands tall against the Dubai horizon, making a hypnotizing setting for your morning schedule. With the eminent Dubai Shopping Centre and Dubai Show within simple reach, occupants of Business Bay are drenched in a universe of culture, diversion, and extravagance close to home.

Be that as it may, the charm of Business Bay stretches out past its vicinity to renowned milestones. The clamouring area offers plenty of conveniences and offices to take special care of every need and way of life. From top-of-the-line eateries and store shops to sporting offices, Business Bay furnishes inhabitants with a different exhibit of choices for feasting, shopping, and diversion. Whether enjoying a connoisseur dinner with all-encompassing perspectives or investigating the energetic roads fixed with stylish stores, Bugatti Residences inhabitants can enjoy the dynamic energy and comfort of Business Bay every step of the way.

Buy Bugatti Tower Residential Apartments with Us!

The location must have enticed you which is why we have the best deal for you in the pristine development of UAE. You can visit Bugatti Residences right now to acquire the best real estate deal of your life with us. Our professionals will guide you to avail the Bugatti Residences penthouses where garage to penthouse private car parking and apartment with swimming pool are the emblematic amenities of these branded residences in Dubai. So don’t waste time as this is going to be the best property investment in Dubai 2024! Click to avail the lifetime inglorious real estate deal.


The location is the critical factor in any development’s construction so Bugatti Residences premises are the one to be proud of and to be discussed. It is quite obvious with the fantastic collaboration not to choose a monotonous and regular area for the construction of Bugatti tower residential apartments in Dubai property market. The location itself defines so much about the project as within the development’s amenities and those that are offered by the location are a cherry on top, in fact, cherries on top of a cake! Bugatti Residences has glamorously fulfilled the investor’s dream with their outstanding location Business Bay as being the perfect one for such excellent development.


1.     How tall is Bugatti Residences UAE?

The Bugatti Residences UAE will have 43 floors as per the Arabian Business with world-class amenities installed for stunning and easy living.

2.     What makes Bugatti Tower residential apartments so special?

The set of magnificent and never-considered amenities in an elevated development such as a garage to penthouse car parking and an apartment with a private pool Dubai are the ones that make Bugatti Tower residential apartments superior to other developments.

3.     Are there penthouses in Bugatti Residences UAE?

Along with the most abundant and opulent luxury apartments in Dubai; Bugatti Residences UAE gives an amazing opportunity for investors to have their breathtaking Dubai penthouses.


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