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Branded Residences Sparks Buzz in UAE

Throughout recent years, there has been an eminent flood of interest in stunning branded residence in UAE. This flood can be ascribed principally to the influence of wealthy people moving to the states. A clever idea known as branded residences has arisen as a reaction to this pattern. In these coordinated efforts, globally renowned brands unite with engineers to make selective and renowned living spaces. These homes boast unrivalled extravagance and glory, taking special care of the insightful preferences of wealthy investors. In this blog, We will discuss five exceptional branded residences that are reshaping the UAE’s luxury living landscape.

Get Ready to Unravel the 5 Best Branded Residences in UAE

As we present the top five branded residences that reimagine opulence, get ready to discover the epitome of luxury living in the UAE. From notable areas to unmatched conveniences, these homes encapsulate selectiveness and refinement. Go with us on an excursion to investigate the zenith of extravagance living in the core of the UAE.

1. Bugatti Residences Business Bay Dubai

Figure 2 Bugatti residences up for sale in Dubai

Bugatti Residences is located in Dubai’s bustling Business Bay neighbourhood. It is the epitome of innovation and luxury propelled by the notable Bugatti brand, these homes offer unrivalled craftsmanship and state-of-the-art plans. With all-encompassing perspectives on the city horizon and elite conveniences, Bugatti Residential Towers rethink upscale residing in the UAE. This selected development not only mirrors the renown of the Bugatti name but also adds to forming the land scene of the area, setting new guidelines of extravagance and refinement.

2. Bulgari Lighthouse


Bulgari Lighthouse, on Jumeirah Bay Island, symbolises Dubai’s high-end living as per Arabian Business. Created by Meraas, this private pinnacle flaunts a smooth and contemporary plan combined with stunning perspectives on the Middle Eastern Inlet. Offering a consistent mix of style and usefulness, Bulgari Beacon is reclassifying waterfront living in the UAE. Its presence not only upgrades the appeal of the Dubai shoreline but also adds to the development of extravagant land in the area.

3. Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences Business Bay Dubai

Bugatti Residences Location Guide Dubai

Situated in the core of Business Bay, Burj Binghatti Jacob and Co Residences typify present-day extravagance and refinement. With its striking engineering and elite conveniences, this improvement offers an outstanding way of life experience in the clamouring downtown area. Planned in a joint effort with famous extravagance brand Jacob and Co, these homes ooze plushness and refinement. Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences significantly impacts the UAE’s real estate market by combining world-class services with high-end design elements.

4. Franck Muller Aeternitas


The Franck Muller Aeternitas is set to turn into a famous milestone in Dubai Marina and change what extravagance living means. Made by London Door, this exceptional tall structure guarantees unequalled polish and refinement. With its elevated level and delightful plan, Franck Muller Aeternitas addresses the best sumptuous living in the UAE. This task changes how Dubai looks by mixing Franck Muller’s heritage with current engineering, offering an extraordinary blend of style and extravagance.

5. Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti

mercedes benz places dubai

Standing tall in the core of Dubai, the Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti offers another component of extravagant living. Planned as a team with the renowned Mercedes-Benz brand, this improvement sets another norm for complexity and polish. With its smooth plan and best-in-class conveniences, Mercedes Benz Places Tower reclassifies metropolitan living in the UAE. By incorporating auto extravagance with private greatness, this venture is moulding the land scene of Dubai, typifying the soul of development and refinement.

Buy Your Very Own Branded Residence in UAE with Us!

apartment in business bay

Putting resources into Bugatti Residential Towers, Dubai at Business Bay is an open door you won’t have any desire to miss in Dubai’s dynamic property market. These branded residences guarantee extravagance yet an unmatched degree of notoriety and quality. Envision awakening consistently in a house with the regarded Bugatti name, an image of greatness and refinement. By getting a spot in Bugatti Residences, you’re not simply purchasing a property, you’re putting resources into a way of life of richness and refinement that couples can coordinate. Take advantage of this opportunity. Get a chance to possess a piece of Dubai’s most esteemed address today.


The extravagance of branded residence in the UAE mirrors another time of rich residing, where well-known brands collaborated with manufacturers to make first-rate homes. These partnerships set a high standard for design, creativity, and extravagantness, making these homes the best option for modern living in the area. As additional rich people pick the UAE as their home, these undertakings are reshaping the extravagance of the land scene as long as possible. Visiting locales like Bugatti Residences can assist you with holding onto the ideal arrangement, as it addresses the apex of land extravagance in the district.


  1. What is a branded residence?
    Branded homes or residences are gathered in the extravagance and ultra-extravagance section as the objective purchaser is typically high-total assets people (HNWIs). These units can be utilized as essential or auxiliary homes, with the utilization being affected by the property area.
  1. What is the most expensive residential area in the UAE?
    Palm Jumeirah is, without a doubt, the most extravagant spot in Dubai. While choosing to move to Palm Jumeirah, the accompanying variables should be considered: eco-friendly, safe, and kid-friendly area. Luxurious villas and penthouses cater to the premium and elite classes.
  1. Why do people buy branded residences?
    Luxury homes bought on the open market and affiliated with and serviced by a high-end brand (usually a hotel brand) are known as branded residences. Regularly, occupants approach inn conveniences, for example, housekeeping, attendant services, room administration and spa reservations from their homes.


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